Geneva Gear

The Geneva gear is an arbitrary-shaped micromechanical component and is one of the most used devices for producing intermittent rotary motion. The Geneva mechanism contains two intermeshing elements. By rotating one gear through 360°, another gear is moved by fixed 90° increments. Using SLE technology, these mechanisms can be fabricated out of a single piece of glass without the need for an assembly step. Being assembly-free, the structure can be produced on a small scale (down to hundreds of µm) without extremely complex micromanipulation. Moreover, by attaching a small magnet to the mechanism and placing it over a rotating magnet, we show that smooth continuous movement of the structure can be implemented. This is made possible by the exceptionally fine gaps between the different moving parts of the structure (less than 10 µm) and particularly good surface roughness (~ 200 nm RMS), which allows for minimizing excessive friction.

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