Contract Manufacturing Small Scale Production


  • Evaluation of repeatability
  • Optimization of fabrication process
  • Fabrication report preparation
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Depending on the specific needs of the customer, the next step after the development stage may involve either customizing a laser nanofactory station or moving on to small-scale production. The latter stage focuses on testing the developed process by producing a limited number of micro-structures. This helps to evaluate the repeatability of the fabrication process, as well as identify any issues or areas that need further optimization. The goal is to refine the process to ensure that it can be reliably and consistently repeated, resulting in high-quality micro-structures every time. Through careful evaluation and analysis, the fabrication process can be optimized to improve its efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize errors. Once the small-scale production has been completed, a fabrication report is typically prepared that summarizes the findings of the testing and outlines any adjustments that were made to the process. This report is used as a basis for further improvements and optimizations in the process before moving on to larger-scale production. Ultimately, small-scale production is an essential step in the overall process of micro-structure fabrication, helping to ensure that the developed process is effective, efficient, and capable of producing high-quality micro-structures at scale.