Femtika at SPIE Photonics West 2024 and BiOS exhibitions

January 9, 2024

Femtika team is traveling to SPIE Photonics West and Bios exhibitions! The world’s largest photonics technology event will be taking place in San Francisco happening from January 27th to February 1st.  

We kindly invite you to visit Femtika at the BiOS booth #8222 and the Photonics West booth #3222. At these FREE events, our most recent technology will be on show. Register here to attend this free exhibition.  

Exciting updates await you at the event! Discover our enhanced true 3D micromanufacturing capabilities in Selective Laser Etching (SLE) of glass and Multiphoton Polymerization (MPP) technologies, along with the introduction of a new product and advancements in our contract manufacturing services

For a personalized session, contact sales@femika.com to arrange a meeting at the exhibition. 

Femtika Announces Participation and Exciting Innovations at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2023

June 12, 2023

Femtika, a leading provider of femtosecond micromachining solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in the highly anticipated LASER World of PHOTONICS 2023, scheduled to take place in Munich, Germany, from June 27 to 30, 2023. This prestigious event serves as a platform for showcasing groundbreaking advancements in photonics, and Femtika is excited to unveil its latest innovations to industry professionals and decision-makers.

With an unwavering commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers, Femtika will be showcasing its exceptional femtosecond micromachining solutions at booth B3.260/7. This is an excellent opportunity for attendees to gain comprehensive insights into Femtika’s current product portfolio, which includes the highly anticipated selective laser etching nanofactory and contract manufacturing services. These cutting-edge solutions have been precisely taylored to meet the needs of progressive companies looking to achieve exceptional results.

At Femtika’s booth, visitors will have the chance to engage in personalized discussions with the company’s experts. The team at Femtika understands the value of face-to-face interactions and aims to provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the femtosecond technologies and their potential applications. To ensure a dedicated session, reach out to sales@femika.com to schedule an appointment and request a voucher.

We look forward to showcasing our femtosecond micromachining solutions and their transformative impact on various industries. Join us at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2023!

FEMTIKA Announced as EPHJ 2023 Grand Prix Finalist

May 24, 2023

We are delighted to announce that FEMTIKA has been selected as a finalist for the prestigious EPHJ Grand Prix 2023. This award highlights FEMTIKA’s dedication to innovation and the ground-breaking advancements in 3D micro-manufacturing technology.

FEMTIKA, a leading provider of advanced micromachining solutions, will showcase its femtosecond laser applications at the EPHJ exhibition booth K128 in Geneva, Switzerland, from June 6 to 9. FEMTIKA’s 3D microfabrication technique, which combines Multiphoton Polymerization (MPP) with Selective Laser Etching (SLE), distinguishes them as industry pioneers. To schedule a meeting with FEMTIKA’s team and discuss how their advanced technology can benefit your business, please visit the provided calendar.

The EPHJ Grand Prix is renowned for identifying and celebrating exceptional advancements in watchmaking, microtechnology, and medical technology. Being named a finalist in this esteemed competition is a testament to FEMTIKA’s tireless efforts to push the boundaries of manufacturing and deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients across various industries.

FEMTIKA’s innovative 3D manufacturing technology enables the production of high-precision polymer or glass components with unparalleled accuracy and surface finish. The ability to create intricate designs and geometrically complex structures has opened up new avenues for design possibilities and functionality in sectors such as electronics, healthcare, and optics.

Now, FEMTIKA invites everyone to vote and support their journey. To cast your vote and show your support for FEMTIKA, please visit the EPHJ website. Every vote counts, and FEMTIKA appreciates the support of its clients, partners, and industry peers.

Femtika Sets the Stage for Innovation at EPHJ 2023 – Visit Booth K128 and Schedule a Meeting

May 22, 2023

Femtika, a leader in the field of femtosecond microfabrication, is preparing to exhibit its most recent innovations in additive-subtractive manufacturing at the much awaited EPHJ Exhibition 2023 at Palexpo, Geneva, from June 6 to June 9. Femtika encourages business leaders to stop by booth K128 at this recognized event to learn more about the innovative micromachining solutions and applications that are reshaping the commercial sector.

The company’s participation at EPHJ exhibition promises to provide attendees with invaluable insights into the future of selective laser etching and its transformative impact on luxury and watch industries.

At booth K128, visitors will have the opportunity to witness Femtika’s innovative products firsthand. From feasibility studies, contract manufacturing and ultrafast 3D manufacturing workstations, the company’s solutions empower businesses to optimize their operations and stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

Those who are interested are encouraged to arrange a meeting with the dedicated team at Femtika to engage in personalized discussions tailored to their specific business needs and challenges. To schedule a meeting with Femtika’s team, choose your preferred time in the calendar.

Take a dive into the world of high precision with Femtika! CONTACT US


Femtika, leader dans le domaine de la microfabrication femtoseconde, s’apprête à exposer ses dernières innovations en matière de fabrication additive-soustractive lors du très attendu Salon EPHJ 2023 à Palexpo, Genève, du 6 au 9 juin. Femtika encourage les chefs d’entreprise à passer stand K128 à cet événement reconnu pour en savoir plus sur les solutions et applications de micro-usinage innovantes qui remodèlent le secteur commercial.

La participation de la société à l’exposition EPHJ promet de fournir aux participants des informations précieuses sur l’avenir de la gravure sélective au laser et son impact transformateur sur les industries du luxe et de l’horlogerie.

Au stand K128, les visiteurs auront l’occasion de découvrir de première main les produits innovants de Femtika. Qu’il s’agisse d’études de faisabilité, de fabrication sous contrat ou de postes de travail de fabrication 3D ultrarapides, les solutions de l’entreprise permettent aux entreprises d’optimiser leurs opérations et de garder une longueur d’avance sur le marché concurrentiel d’aujourd’hui.

Les personnes intéressées sont encouragées à organiser une réunion avec l’équipe dédiée de Femtika pour engager des discussions personnalisées adaptées à leurs besoins et défis commerciaux spécifiques. Pour programmer une réunion avec l’équipe de Femtika, choisissez votre heure préférée dans le calendrier.

Plongez dans le monde de la haute précision avec Femtika !


10 Years of Light

May 16, 2023

As we celebrate the International Day of Light on May 16th, this year we are thrilled to mark the 10th anniversary of Femtika. Since our founding in 2013, we have been dedicated to developing and advancing light-based technologies that drive innovation across a wide range of industries.

Over the past decade, we have been proud to play a key role in the development of femtosecond laser Nanofactory and contract research services. Our solutions have been used in various applications, from precision manufacturing to biomedical research.

We could not have achieved this level of success without the support of our incredible team, customers, and partners. We are grateful for your unwavering support and look forward to continuing to drive progress and growth in the field of photonics.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating this milestone, and we are excited to see what the future holds for Femtika.

Femtika Shines Spotlight on Additive Manufacturing at EPIC Online Technology Meeting

May 15, 2023

Agnė Butkutė, Head of the Contract Research Services Team at Femtika, a established manufacturer in hybrid femtosecond laser systems for industrial and scientific applications, will present at the anticipated EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Additive Manufacturing today, on May 15.

With her broad knowledge and constant dedication to innovation, Agnė Butkutė will engage the audience with her presentation on “Laser-based Hybrid Microfabrication Solutions.”

The participants will get an invaluable opportunity to learn in-depth information on the most recent trends and advancements in laser technology for additive manufacturing. The presentation by Agnė Butkutė will provide more information on the advanced solutions in multiphoton polymerization and selective laser etching provided by Femtika and their significant impact on various sectors.

The EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Additive Manufacturing serves as an platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and fostering collaborations within the industry. Attendees will have the chance to engage with fellow professionals, learn from eminent experts, and explore potential partnerships that drive future growth and innovation.

Femtika is greatly honored to be part of this influential event and eagerly anticipates the vibrant exchange of ideas. We invite all industry enthusiasts, professionals, and stakeholders to join us at the EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Additive Manufacturing and seize this unique opportunity.

For more information and registration, please visit EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Additive Manufacturing – EPIC Association (epic-assoc.com)

We are excited to be part of Mesomorph project

May 3, 2023

Mesomorph EU team announces:

“We built another great machine! Our team has just finished another assembly of our new modular DALP unit as part of the Mesomorph EU project, in collaboration with some of the brightest minds in the industry!

We’ve partnered with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, STMicroelectronics, Prima Industrie S.p.A., FEMTIKA, OPI , Heliotis AG, SMOLYS, and IRIS to bring a flexible, fully automated hybrid process chain that is compliant with the submicron accuracy targets of the new generation of microsystems. Our new modular DALP unit allows the integration of our technology in a more x multiprocess machine based on cross-compatible technologies and processes. The goal for our company is to provide scalable industrial process technology and enable automated processes for manufacturing microparts. This is a game-changer for the industry and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Mesomorph EU project homepage.

The world’s smallest military challenge coin, which measures just 1.9 mm in diameter

April 17, 2023

On the occasion of Lithuania’s 19th anniversary of joining NATO, Chief of Defence of Lithuania Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupsys dedicated a one-of-a-kind military challenge coin to General Christopher G. Cavoli, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and Commander, U.S. European Command, as a token of appreciation for his efforts supporting Lithuania’s security and signifying a strong partnership between NATO, the United States of America, and Lithuania.

The world’s smallest military challenge coin, which measures just 1.9 mm in diameter, was made of glass by Femtika using its cutting-edge femtosecond laser Nanofactory.

What sets this achievement apart is the use of advanced selective laser etching technology – a process of removing material from a bulk of glass by using a high intensity ultrafast laser pulses to selectively modify material and subsequently etch it. This process allows for incredibly precise etching and patterning of materials, including glass, without damage or distortions. High-precision components and parts are produced using selective laser etching in a number of sectors, including electronics, aerospace, and medical devices.

We feel incredibly privileged to have been invited to contribute to this significant occasion.

Photo credit Ieva Budzeikaitė

Exciting developments in the field of micro-optics

April 10, 2023

Mangirdas Malinauskas has shared a post about high transparency 3D micro-optics made of hybrid polymer using Femtika Laser Nanofactory for 3D laser lithography.

For the first time, this research show how technologies of laser direct writing and atomic layer deposition can be used to create extremely effective multi-layer, sub-100 m micro-optic.

The use of hybrid polymer allows for exceptional transparency and the creation of complex free-form structures with high precision. Kudos to Mangirdas and their team for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in micro-optics.

Galvanauskas, Karolis; Astrauskyte, Darija; Balcas, Giedrius; Gailevičius, Darius; Grineviciute, Lina; Malinauskas, Mangirdas (2023): High-Transparency 3D Micro-Optics of Hybrid-Polymer SZ2080™ Made via Ultrafast Laser Nanolithography and Atomic Layer Deposition. Optica Open. Preprint.

Hybridizing Lithography-Based Ceramic Additive Manufacturing with Two-Photon-Polymerization

April 4, 2023

Our team at Femtika is thrilled to see the latest research utilizing our Laser Nanofactory for Two-Photon-Polymerization (2PP).
The use of our femtosecond microfabrication system allows for the rapid fabrication of high-quality structures with exceptional resolution and accuracy.

Sänger, J.C.; Schwentenwein, M.; Bermejo, R.; Günster, J. Hybridizing Lithography-Based Ceramic Additive Manufacturing with Two-Photon-Polymerization. Appl. Sci. 2023, 13, 3974.