Contract Manufacturing Feasibility Studies


  • Research of micro-structure fabrication method
  • Fabrication of microstructure prototype
  • Measurement and alignment with technical requirements
  • Study report preparation
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A feasibility study is typically composed of several important steps, including researching methods for fabricating micro-structures, fabricating a micro-structure prototype, measuring and aligning the prototype with technical requirements, and finally preparing a study report. The first step involves researching different techniques and methods for fabricating micro-structures, which can be a complex and specialized process. Once a suitable method has been identified, the next step involves actually fabricating a prototype of the micro-structure using the chosen microfabrication process. This prototype can then be measured and aligned with the technical requirements that have been established. Finally, once all of these steps have been completed, a study report can be prepared that outlines the process and findings of the feasibility study. Through these steps, researchers can determine the viability of a particular project and determine whether it is worth pursuing further.


After completing a feasibility study, the next stage is typically the development stage. This stage involves further refining and perfecting the process that was identified during the feasibility study. For example, in the case of micro-structure fabrication, this might involve the development of a more refined and efficient process for fabricating the structures. Additionally, during the development stage, efforts may also be made to design a process that can be used for mass production of the micro-structures, which would require additional design work and testing. In order to facilitate this mass production, the development of specialized machinery and automation may also be necessary. This could involve the creation of custom tools and equipment that are specifically designed to produce the micro-structures in an efficient and effective manner. Overall, the development stage is a crucial part of the process that helps to ensure that the feasibility study is translated into a practical and efficient method for producing micro-structures at scale.

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